Galvanized shutters, stainless steel shutters and insulated rolling shutters

The shutter is a roll-up closure used in shops, for closing windows, in garages and in civil homes for closing windows, in this last case it is usually called a shutter or roller shutter. There are various types of shutters:

  • Blind: it’s the classic shop shutter with closed elements, which when lowered does not allow you to see what’s behind it;
  • Knitted: it is the damper formed by corrugated tubes and metal meshes that seem to form inverted rhombuses, or straight tubes that form rectangles, and therefore allows you to see what is behind it even when it is closed;
  • Micro perforated: it is like the blind shutter, but the elements have micro holes to ensure good ventilation and a good transparency of the shop windows, while still being an armored damper;
  • Packing: it is always a shutter, but unlike the others that wrap around the handling shaft, it is packed on itself.

This for practicality is usually used for supermarkets and hypermarkets and has the advantage of being able to close large spaces without large encumbrance of the box and requiring less driving force. There are also special types for technical uses limited to certain areas, and among these there are insulated shutters and firebreakers.


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