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For over 30 years Giovi srl has been manufacturing electrical control panels for any type of machinery and fast industrial doors in the industrial sector. We are one of the few companies that has a wide range of doors suitable for every type of industrial sector: from the smallest warehouse, to cold rooms, sterile rooms, including all food sectors up to large doors such as in the naval sector , aeronautical and space.

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Who we are

We are a family business that fits into the panorama of manufacturers of electrical equipment and switchboards for the control of machinery and for the production of industrial rapid doors.


In the vast industrial world, choosing a high-speed door is not always easy. Thus, a guideline was created that will help you choose your door according to your needs. Still undecided? Contact us!

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The industrial sector is very complex and one of the most frenetic sectors, which is why there is a need for highly reliable doors, with limited maintenance so as not to block the movement flow in circulation. All our doors have been conceived, designed and made to measure for this sector.

The 4 main categories

Non self-repairable door

Basis of all doors. Rapid roll-up door but not self-repairing. With an advantageous cost, it is able to satisfy every need without sacrificing quality.




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Self-repairable door

From the ACTIVE series with the characteristic of being fast and self-repairing doors. With the Active we can satisfy every need and situation both in the cold and in aseptic laboratories.



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Folding doors

They are part of the F (Folding) series. These doors have the particularity of being resistant to any type of environment even in severe atmospheric conditions and of having large dimensions.



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High speed aluminum doors. Equipped with insulating panels. They are doors suitable for both interiors and exteriors in a clean environment and you want to give an image of elegance.



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The 6 Macro Area Applications

Which Environment is right for me?


Keeping products in pristine environments and at the same time being accessible is a challenge that very often comes at a high cost. Our doors can be made in stainless steel, allowing for daily sanitization. The crosspieces can be inclined at 15 degrees allowing the water to drain during the washing phase, avoiding stagnation and therefore the formation of bacteria.



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Pharmaceutical companies’ laboratories are highly technological sites where hygiene and cleanliness are the basis of primary importance. At a time when compliance and safety regulations are constantly intertwined, ActivePharma ports are designed to do this important job.



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As with Industry, the transport sector is very broad. We can range from forklift handling, to cars up to the maritime or aeronautical sector. For some particular needs, some models can withstand critical weather conditions such as particularly windy areas.




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The industrial sector is very complex and one of the most frenetic sectors. That’s why the doors must be  highly reliable, with limited maintenance so as not to block the movement flow. All of our doors have been conceived, designed and made to measure for this sector.


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The speed and rapidity between exchange and movement of goods in the shortest possible time are the masters. This is why flexible and resistant doors are required. Click on the link to find out which models are right for you.



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Cold is an important element for the preservation of some products. But it is also an impacting element on the door. This is why doors have been created that are suitable for “living together” in areas with low temperatures while maintaining a door that is always performing.


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